Helloooo lovely people ,
How are you guys todayyy ? These past few months have been very busy and as a result I did not update my blog or my skincare routine and did not have much time for my skin .While I was busy I used these hacks so that my skin does not suck and atleast is in control . These hacks are really easy ( that’s why I mentioned the word lazy ) so lets get started before I watch another season of friends on repeat
I absolutely love facial mists and there is not one day that I go without it . For all those people who are hearing this for the first time , its okay . You are here to learn so let me educate you …. facial mists are basically mists (duhhh) they give your skin the hydration it needs and the good thing is that all skin types can use it ( whaaaaaaaaat) . Whenever you feel that your skin needs hydration or just something to refresh itself go ahead and spray that mist on your face . Facial mists can be used in many different ways and I will make a separate post for it so that you guys can understand it better . My favourite mist is the rosewater one from KamaAyurveda


You know the moment when you have just arrived home and are exhausted from all the work and the heat and you just want to cleanse your face but are too lazy to go and wash your face …. let me introduce you to facial wipessss they are your saviours though you should not make it a habit and cleanse your face everyday but sometimes its okay ( cheat days in skincare ) . Facial wipes clean your skin though not that nicely but they do the work . One of my favourite is from Himalaya Herbals and it also helps you remove the makeup


I know that this requires time and hardwork but trust me its worth it . Instead of buying loads of skincare products ( like me ) go ahead and give the ingredients a try . Its easy as well as cheappp and effective as well . You can do these masks everyday or once a week . One of my favourite homemade mask is combining yogurt , gram flour and lemon …
Now you can use these hacks and save some energy and time but keep in mind that you shouldn’t make this a habit and take proper care of your skin so that you feel and look beautiful ( though you already are ) . So take proper care of your skin , excercise , be positve and slayyyyyy (as you always do ) also do your skincare routine .
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