Securing Insecurities

Hello Lovely people ,
How are you guys today ? Its been a while since I have talked to you about serious topics that are taken casually in the society . Today we are going to discuss about Insecurities ( Titles totally kill the suspense ) . Its going to take a while so grab your popcorn or your coffee because I am about to begin my ranting ………………… Now that you are all prepared lets get started .
We all have insecurities and its okay to have them ( I know that you have heard this line everywhere) . I have seen people commenting about others appearances way too casually and its very important to bring this topic into the spotlight because many people don’t realize that it does affect people . There are millions of girls who don’t wear sleeveless tops just because their arms look fat , there are millions of girls who don’t wear short clothes just because they feel that they their thighs are too big and they will be judged for it , there are millions of girls and boys as well who are not confident just because the society does not see them as perfect , there are millions of girls who don’t click photos of themselves just because they don’t have the photogenic face , there are millions of girls and guys who go to gym not because they want to be fit but because they want to lose weight. I have seen people with the perfect bodies, perfect skin and just strong , beautiful people and yet they want to be someone else . The actor or actresses that you see on magazine or on television , they have a whole team behind them to make them look flawless , they have personal dietitians so don’t look up to someone just because they look good , look up to them because their personality is good and they inspire you to become a better version of what you are . There is a difference between improving yourself for your satisfaction and improving yourself to fit in the society and its important to understand this difference because all that negativity needs to get out of yourself .
Lets forget about people for a while . How many times do u judge your own self ? Saying stuff like ” I am ugly ” ” I am so fat ” or ” I hate my body ” is a type of hate and negativity that you spread around your self and you criticize your own self so when people do it , you just agree with them . One of the most important thing that I have learned ( though I am just 17 ) is that there is a difference between what people think of you and what you think of yourself . What people think of you shouldn’t matter but it often indirectly does effect what you think about yourself too therefore believing in yourself and being clear about your personality is essential ( its confusing I agree but its really important ) . Social media has made us believe that people are more better than us and their lives are more interesting but trust me its all in your head . After 50 selfies ‘one is uploaded ( I take 1000 ) Do not let social media fool you into thinking that you are average or are not good enough . You are amazing and you are imperfectly perfect .
I know that insecurities don’t go away in a day and that it is a slow process but at least make small changes in your lifestyle so that you can become more confident and I know its going to take a while and there will be lots of bumps on the road but believe in yourself and keep going until your insecurities are not insecure anymore . Love yourself and know your worth , wear bold makeup , dress up ,let people know how beautiful and courageous you are , laugh more , write more , read more , travel often , and most importantly live your life on your own terms and not on society’s.

17 thoughts on “Securing Insecurities

  1. Well said Shabri ❤️…People are insecured when they have lack of confidence, own negative perceptions and most of the time they are thinking on what society is thinking about them and i believe that this “insecurity” will go away if they focus on these three things 🙂 🙂 and yes correct me if I am wrong 🙂 Regards Sukrut

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