Dear Girls

Dear Girls, It’s been a tough journey for you so far and I know you have been struggling a lot. It may be because of your health , or the boy who crushed your heart, or family issues.. I know it’s extremely difficult to make people understand you and it’s even more difficult to find […]

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Mystery Blogger Award

Hello lovely people , so recently I was nominated for the mystery blogger award by Anushka and i love her as well as her blogs . you should definately check her blog out and also follow her . she posts consistently and has a great content too . So thankyou Anushka , lots of love […]

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A Week Without Makeup !!!!!!

Hello lovely people , How are you guysssss? It’s been a while since I have posted and I am extremely sorry for that. I was having one of those ‘lazy’ days and on top of that I wasn’t feeling well. My skin was not really great these past few days and I thought why not […]

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My top 5 favourite books

Hello lovely people, How r u guyss ? …. Today I want to share something that is very close to my heart , it has been with me through a lot of years and that is — BOOKS ( the title spoiled the suspense but whatever) I am an obsessive bookworm which means I have […]

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Introduction to self-love

Hello lovely people, How are you guys todayyy? I hope you all are fine and if not then hold on and I promise it will get better. Today I decided to tell you something which is really special to me and that topic is self love and to explain it to you guys I wrote […]

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