A Week With Innisfree

Helloooo lovely people ,
How are you guys today? So these days we all have been constantly seeing and listening to Korean beauty and Korean skincare regimes .Their skincare routine basically contains 8-10 steps and it really does work ( The truth has been tolllddddd) but the only problem with their skincare regimes is that they are extremely time consuming .
I decided to give Korean skincare a try and no i didn’t do the whole 8-10 steps but i kept it really basic ( you guys know how lazy i am ) . So to begin with i cleansed my face , applied toner , a moisturizer . I was a bit lazy even while doing this basic regimes ‘ (yahhhh I know I should be more active ) All the products that I used were from the Korean brand known as Innisfree . This is not a sponsored post ( though i really think it should be ) . Now that i am done boring you with the introduction lets just get started alreadyyyy….

This face wash is the bestttttt I literally cannot tell you how much I love this face cleanser. It cleanses your pores and you can instantly feel refreshed , it does not dry your skin out and helps your pores get clean . This face wash lasts about 2-3 months ( yess that longg) you have to use just a small quantity and its enough for your face ( to good to be true righhhtt but trust me it is that good ). it retails for 650 INR for 150 ml
This face scrub is amazingggggg.. It isn’t harsh in your skin and removes impurities easily. It’s a foam scrub so it is gentle on your skin.. A must have in you skincare routine to be honest . This also retails for 650 INR for 150ml but trust me guys this scrub lasts about 2 months ( yupppp that longgg )
I didn’t have a lot of expections with this one but it really turned out to be good so I got the green tea kit free with the purchase I made ( helll yeahhhhhhh!!) it contained a lotion , a cream , and a toner . The lotion and toner were not upto the mark but the cream omggg its my holy graillll ( yup its that goodddd ) it hydrates your skin and leaves it smooth though it kindoff melts in the summer because of the heat but guys trust me you need this product .
So I had brought 2 masks one was the classic clay mask and the other was this mousse mask . I personally love the mousse one because the texture of this product is extremely easy to apply whereas you need to apply a bit pressure while applying the clay one . Both of them are realllllly great and they clean your pores , they tighten your pores , they prevent acne and they brighten your face ( a tad bit ) and your skin immediately feels more soft and more supple so be sure to try these they are definitely a 10/10
So I tried 7 different sheet masks from Innisfree and it really helped me to hydrate my skin more and also to pull out all the dirt from my skin . People with dry skin should really give sheet masks a try and I am sure you will love the results .Some of my favorite sheet masks were the green tea , the Tomato , the Bamboo and also the honey one . I have actually started loving the sheet mask because they are so hassle free .

So yuppppp that was it . Now talking about the experience I loved it . I know that its time consuming but that extra time that I used to do this routine made me spend more time on my self and it was just a good experience to be honest. My skin does feel a whole lot better , hydrated , a tad bit brightened but since the weather here is always blazing hot I tend to get tanned a lot ( I still love India thoughhhh ) Go ahead and give Korean skincare a chance though they are a bit expensive but guys trust me they really last long so be sure to tell me your reviews and recommend me some good Korean products as well and heyyy don’t forget to love yourself because you are worth it .. always have and always will be ..
Love ,

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