Dear Girls

Dear Girls,
It’s been a tough journey for you so far and I know you have been struggling a lot. It may be because of your health , or the boy who crushed your heart, or family issues.. I know it’s extremely difficult to make people understand you and it’s even more difficult to find someone who understands you just the way you are . You are strong, you really are. All these years you have been hating yourself and to be honest nothing good has come out of it so why not try to love yourself now, give it a shot at least.. Your body has been through so much hate that it has forgotten how to be loved again.. Those extra chocolates, junk food it’s harming you. Eat healthy, excercise, make your body a healthy place. Don’t be critical of yourself, love yourself as much as you can and then you will realize that the boy who crushed your heart didn’t even deserve you, your family issues can be solved just by communicating with your family members… Being positive in this negative world is tough but hey so are you… Those freckles, those cellulite, those stretch marks, the way your eyes light up when you speak about something you are passionate about , you look beautiful and I mean it. Please don’t go on hating yourself . Your body , your mind they all need to be loved…
For all the moms out there who are working and raising their children, thank you for whatever you have done so far. I know it’s tough to handle your work and then coming home to your baby. You make it seem so effortless and I know that sometimes you just want to scream out loud and go on a long vacation and it’s okay to feel that way you are a human not a machine… It will all be fine just give it some time please and be the boss lady that you have always been❤
For all the teenage girls out there, I know that there are so many things to do and you have so less time to do them . It’s overwhelming.. You have to do your studies, socialize, post pics on instagram, go on a vacation, travel, take care of your skin and body, reply to your crushes while waiting for your best friend to suggest you what to say , what to wear , ughhhh too much of work to do here but trust me it gets better as you grow up.. Priorities are important so make sure you have your priorities right. Don’t just work work work enjoy a little too but the most important thing be yourself and don’t change for anyone
You are unique and there is no one as crazy, beautiful, gorgeous ,strong, intelligent as you are so don’t forget that. You can move mountains with that attitude of yours so gear up and rule the world❤

Love, Shabri

37 thoughts on “Dear Girls

  1. Loving this post!!!! its so relatable its CRAZY!!! Your really good at writing and being able to connect with people. What a beautiful, relatable post 😉 Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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