5 ways to love thyself

Hello lovely people ,
How are you guys today? Recently I have been watching a lot of videos and blogs on self love and improving oneself and there are actually so many ways in which you can love yourself . We all know the importance of self love but it sometimes becomes tough to take care of ourself in our busy life. So promise me that you will at least take out a day or minimum 15-20 minutes in a day to just focus entirely on your self and remain happy . To introduce you the concept of loving oneself here are some ways in which you can show love to yourself because excuse me you deserve all the loveeee.
1. Stand in front of a mirror and appreciate your self .
Now we all check ourselves out in the mirror when we have to go out but how many times have you actually just stopped and admired yourself ? Admired your features , your hair , your dress and the way you look? . Admired how strong and brave you are and told yourself that you are worth all the happiness that this world has to offer ? Go infront of the mirror and appreciate yourself everyday from now on
2. Read a book
when you are starting to discover yourself , reading books is an amazing option . Now I am not talking about the romantic novels or story books that we normally read . I am talking about books that actually help you develop as a person and books that create positivity around you because believe it or not positivity is essential in today’s world and once you become positive it really helps in creating good vibes which indirectly helps to love yourself more ( too complicated I know , that’s why just start reading a book and just go with the flow )
3. Write a letter to yourself
I don’t want this to just be a letter , I want this to be a love letter . List all the things that make you feel confident about yourself , appreciate your body , your smile and everything that’s beautiful in you and whenever you are feeling down or you are being anti – self love human ( that’s not a word but anyway) and go through the letter . I promise that your mood will be uplifted . I don’t want any negative stuff only the positive so keep that in mind and write the letter from a different perspective .
4 . Pamper yourself
Now this is a no-brainer . once in a week , just pamper yourself . Paint your nails , put on that face mask , light a candle and just enjoy your company . You belong to your own self and its important that you understand your mind and your self . You can also binge watch your favorite drama or your favorite movie and have an ice cream or popcorn as well and don’t you dare hesitate to eat all that , it’s perfectly fine to eat ice cream and chocolate once a while (perfecttttttttt day to be honest )
5. Journal
Now I know many of you guys don’t journal as it does get overwhelming sometimes but try doing it and I am sure you will surely start loving it . Remember the journal is for you so don’t hesitate to write about your personal stuff or whatever problem that you are facing . When you are just starting out , write 5-10 thing that you find attractive in yourself and I know its tough for some people but really try and do this , it really helps . You can write about anything to be honest so just write and make that journal yours in other words slayyyyyy itttt
So here were five ways in which you can show love to yourself . Always remember that self love isn’t just about physically showing your love , its also about mentally accepting yourself and knowing your flaws but still choosing to love yourself . Mental health is important so please take care of yourself and oh don’t forget to love yourself ( I say self love wayyyyy too many times I really need to find some other word ) Tell me what you do when you want to show love to yourself
Love ,

29 thoughts on “5 ways to love thyself

  1. Beautifully! Loved this post!💜 If one can try and do all that you wrote in this post, then one may reach heights of positivity and optimism. Self-love is very important, especially today, when negative comments and vibes have increasee to such an extent for everyone. And one can never fully love anyone else until and unless they are in love with themselves!❤
    Amazing postttttt! Much love to you!💜

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  2. I like your idea of writing a letter to yourself. I used to journal and it was a great way to put away the negative parts of the day and focus on the positive. I think sometimes we are so caught up in the busy, crazy world around us that we forget to take care of ourselves and when stress takes over, then it can be hard to function…I know that is the case for me. Thank you Shabri for your positivity!!!

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