Introduction to self-love

Hello lovely people,
How are you guys todayyy? I hope you all are fine and if not then hold on and I promise it will get better. Today I decided to tell you something which is really special to me and that topic is self love and to explain it to you guys I wrote a short poem ( though I am not great at it) to make you understand or at least to give you an idea about what self love truly is.
Self love
Two words which the world needs, to define itself again .The words rarely discussed , and yet powerful enough , to find the demons hidden within .
To end the curiosity, let me reveal, The words which mean the world to me,the words, probably you have heard but never gave importance to , the word my friend is self love and accepting yourself .
I know I know you have heard it a billion times, but it’s something worth discussing a gazillion times. It sounds easy I agree but try doing it and you will see.
Those stretch marks, those freckles, the way your eyes light when you smile. It’s beautiful not to you but everyone else surrounding you.
When you cringe your nose, cover your face when you can’t contain the laughter, when you dance just for joy and try to act like a pop star, it’s cute to others but you need to admire yourself too cuz darling if you don’t who else would?
So accept yourself the way you are. I know it’s tough but you are tougher than that. Try to smile as often as you can and make this world a better place for self love to start .
I am giving you a responsiblity and I hope you meet my expectations of accepting yourself and letting go of insecurities.
The world is a cruel place so accept , love, and appreciate yourself before someone makes you go down the negative drain.

Keep loving yourself because there is no one in this world who knows you better than yourself. List any 3 things which you love about yourself in the comments below , and also tell me your thoughts on self love too..Enough of loving other people , now its time that you love yourself too.
Love , Shabri

39 thoughts on “Introduction to self-love

  1. As usual theres beauty in your way of writing and my favourite line was try to smile as often u can and make this world a better place for self love to start ❤❤lots of love n keep writing amazing stuffs

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  2. finally its been voiced out in the most beautiful way possible. I’m really proud of you for talking bout this topic coz many of us don’t actually understand the meaning of it and the value of it’s depth. you’ve portrayed it in a very elegant way . I hope I live upto your expectations. thank you so much for letting me know what self love is all about!. I love you so much!!

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this link!
    You did such a superb job on the importance of self love and that last paragraph is so so important. Thanks for sharing!!!

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  4. This was amazing and very touching. You have a brilliant way of writing and I admire that. I love the idea you have given about self love. I love that young girls like you are writing about self love. For a content and happy life, loving yourself is very important. I’m very impressed.
    Recently, even I wrote an article on self worth. I would be absolutely delighted to know your opinion on the same. Please do check it out.

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