2019 Resolutions

Hellooooooo lovely people,
How have u guys been? It’s been a long time since I have written a blog and I feel sooooo good to be back to writing blogs again.. Since the new year is around the corner ( it’s tomorrow) I thought why not share my new year resolutions with you guys so that I have a document if I succeed ( or fail) . So here are a list of resolutions that you can also choose from if you haven’t sorted your resolutions out ( it’s okay to not sort out your resolutions too)
1. Be more active ( This one had to top the list as I am a couch potato)
2. Learn a new language or skill ( Probably Korean language and learn calligraphy)
3. Spend less amount of time using the phone after 10pm ( This one’s the hardest but hey we all love a little challenge don’t we? )
4. Complete one money saving challenge ( Let’s face it , we want to do so many things and we are almost broke every single time)
5. Donate a little every month ( Atleast I will do something good this year)
6. Set routines ( Specially for skincare , morning and night routines)
7. Spend more time with myself (This is one of the most important thing that I have learnt this year)
8. Attend more dance workshops ( Because I should really improve my dancing skills as a dancer )
9. Declutter and deep cleanse every week ( Hello self loveeee)
10. Stop complaining and procastinating ( Because we waste a lot of time doing this rather than actually completing the thing we are supposed to)
11. Be more grateful (Gratitude is the key to happiness)
12. Accept the problems instead of ignoring it (Because ignoring the problem is not going to solve it)
12 . Smile more and be content (Because we often take stress about the useless things and destroy our inner peace)
13. Write and read more blogs ( Because I really need to improve my content)
Love ,

15 thoughts on “2019 Resolutions

  1. This is a great list and posting them will make you feel more accountable. I check in on myself every three months to keep myself on track & I’m always shocked by what I’ve achieved as I often focus on my fails. Hope 2019 is full of success for you x

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  2. Hey, Shabri!

    This is really nice to know you’ve Penned a lot of things that you’re gonna do in the year 2019.

    I’m sure you’re gonna achieve them all when you have a determination. Last year I also had a resolution to write everyday and guess what? I completed that challenge for which I’ve posted a blog too yesterday.

    Wish you a very happy new year. 😃


  3. I’m laughing literally… 😄😄…
    It’s insane!!…
    Because 13 resolutions in just one year!??..
    Are you kidding me?!!….. 😄😄
    It may be not right for you as you seem very fast, but it always works for me – “One change in one year”.. That’s it and don’t really focusing on the changes. I can’t be wiser than Nature in anyway!!!!!….
    Good luck for your wishlist.. 👍


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