A Week Without Makeup !!!!!!

Hello lovely people ,

How are you guysssss? It’s been a while since I have posted and I am extremely sorry for that. I was having one of those ‘lazy’ days and on top of that I wasn’t feeling well.

My skin was not really great these past few days and I thought why not go a week without makeup and yayyy I got a topic to discuss with you guys again !!!

A Week Without Makeup

The first day felt so bad and I mean it , I felt extremely insecure about myself . I missed my lipstick and my eyeliner and all my makeup products in general. The whole day my mood was gloomy and I did not feel that great because everyone around me had makeup on and they looked great whereas here I was without makeup looking really bad . As the days went by I actually did not think a lot about it. Now a days I don’t even feel like applying makeup I feel so confident in the way that I am though some days I do feel ‘gloomy ‘ and on these days I make sure I make my self more pretty by using eyeliner and lipsticks… A week may feel like a long time to go without makeup but trust me once you start feeling love towards yourself, makeup is not required . It can be tough in the starting phase but please don’t give up and I am sure your skin will thank you later


No smudgy eyes

No need of re applying makeup

You will start loving yourself more

You have more free space in your bag ( I mean who doesn’t love free space in their bag)

You save a lot of time in the morning ( Yaaaayyy)


You feel a bit insecure

When people are applying makeup you get tempted

That’s it so as you can see pros are more than cons . Try going makeup free for a week and let me know and I promise your skin will feel thankful for going makeup free . Don’t forget to use sunscreen, lip balm ( not the tinted one) also carry some facial wipes to cleanse your skin when it’s not feeling it’s happiest ❤

Love, Shabri

22 thoughts on “A Week Without Makeup !!!!!!

  1. I don’t wear makeup. Well I do but only on special occasions. And to be honest I’ve never had that gloom feeling but that’s probably because you wear it ever so often. Sure makeup helps to boost confidence but like you said in one of your posts, you have to love yourself. So I hope you love yourself first more because with or without makeup, everyone is beautiful.

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  2. I love you anyways and your approach towards me i felt blessed for those girls who don’t even bother how they look im amazed by them . The concept and the prons and cons were acceptable and applicable too ..! SABRI #aweekwithoutmakeup
    Not a big deal anyway your soul should be great personlity anyways glows u up…..!

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  3. I don’t wear makeup much. I try to stay low toxicity for fertility preservation. Can’t afford healthy makeup so every week is low to no makeup week here! Sounds like you learned a lot about yourself!

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    1. It’s good that you don’t wear makeup.. Your skin is really thankful for that and you still are amazingly beautiful and strong… Proud to be a member of 320 love club ❤

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