Innisfree Review ( Sheet Masks )

Hello Lovely people ,

How are you guys doing today ? The topic that I want to talk to you about or discuss about is Korean beauty . You all must have heard about Korean skincare and their way of giving extra care to their skin . I recently researched { gosh i sound like a scientist } about korean beauty and I was instantly hooked to their pattern, the only problem which I felt was that Korean beauty has skin regimes that are really time consuming and by that I mean that we can do their skincare regime once or twice a week but not daily as we are so busy in our daily life . I decided to give Korean skincare a shot . Two most famous Korean brands that are launched in India are “The Face Shop’ and  ‘Innisfree’ After a lot of thinking I finally decided to give sheet masks a try as they were too good to be true. I tried Innisfree’s sheet mask.


Sheet masks are basically sheet fabrics which are soaked in nutrition – packed solution which are called as serums . The sheet masks are packed with all good nutrients that our skin needs. The sheet prevents quick evaporation of water phase and extends the time frame which the ingredients require to penetrate deep into the skin. This results in the sheet masks outperforming the effects of the traditional serum-type skincare even when applied once.


It’s very easy to apply a sheet mask . Apply it on a clean face, leave it for 20-30 minutes, take it off and enjoy!! you can apply these sheet masks daily or once -twice a week.

TIP: Use a toner or rose water before using  the mask .



Innisfree Real Squeeze Mask Geen Tea

Innisfree Real Squeeze Mask Kiwi

Innisfree Real Squeeze Mask Bamboo


WHAT IT CLAIMS  : These sheet mask claim to give your skint the hydration and nourishment that it needs . It also claims to brighten your skin and give it a dewy look 


when I brought these sheet masks , my skin was going through the dry phase and no matter what I did , my skin just couldn’t hydrate itself and yes before you all think of giving me that old ” you should drink more water ” , I already tried that as well . These sheet masks were my last ray of hope . I applied these sheet masks daily ( i had just brought three of them) and trust me my skin felt extremely hydrated and deeply nourished . though it didnt brighten my skin or anything but it felt extremely nourished


Extremly hydrating

You can use it whenever you want .

You don’t have to wash your face after the mask.


It doesn’t brighten your skin.

Can be a bit expensive for daily use

It gets sticky as its absorbed in serums

I would recommend using these sheet masks for hydration and for giving your skin all that good nutrients but i don’t recommend it using daily . You can try these if you have dry skin but it’s a big no -no for oily and acne prone skin, if you have any questions comment them below❤



Love , Shabri

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