About Me

Hellooo Lovely People ,

My Name Is Shabri { a little bit difficult to pronounce but i am sure you will get it right } . For many months I have been struggling with the idea of whether starting a blog would be good or not .I have read thousands and thousands of tips and tricks on how to start a blog but the courage is always missing somehow but today I really wanted to try blogging so here i am starting a blog . My main motive of starting a blog is actually very simple its writtingggggg . I love to write and express my thoughts , my opinions, and share my experiences and I think it’s a very joyful thing to do . if you are still reading and are here with me thankyou I reallllllyyy appreciate it

I want this blog to be a happy place . I want you guys to feel at home when you read my posts and I obviously want you guys to consider me as your friend . on this blog I mainly want to write about skin care , how to love yourself , { you really should I mean look at you , you are gorgeous }, my experiences and also i want this to blog to be about us . because without you guys this blog will merely be words and sentences written somewhere on the Internet


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Shabri, nice job you are doing. As I know reading a thousand of books and create own thought based on that. It is really so tough still you were working on it and also you had not compromise from your study . You r really made for this. Please do not stop share such ideas with us. Have a nice day

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  2. Hey Shabri,
    I just checked out your website and i think that its AMAZING!! i too have just started a blog and i already consider you as a friend. Could you please check out my website and maybe comment, like, or follow PLEASE?? i would really like that. But if not thats ok. Here’s the link to my website https://teengirlblog897034319.wordpress.com/ Thanks
    Teen Girl Xx 🙂

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