20 facts about me

Performing the classical dance Kathak
My favorite Korean actor Lee Min Ho
One of my favourite book
That’s me trying to pose 😂❤

Hellloooo lovely people ,

So I hope you guys have read the ‘About Me ‘ post { if not, go and read ittt now pleaseeeeeee click on the ‘ About ME ‘above } I was thinking of getting more personal with you guys and so I decided why not tell you 20 random facts about me so that you get to know me more { and also interact more } so here are some facts about me .


I. I Hate Ice creams

2. I Am Obsessed with Korean Dramas : I am absolutely obsessed with korean drama these days and I have probably watched 10 dramas already . I may actually learn the korean language { because reading the subtitles can get tiring sometimes } Lee Min Ho , Lee Jong Suk ,Kim Woo Bin, and Park Shin Hye are currently my favourites . Tell me your favourites in the comment below . Saranghae { google the meaning and you will know }

3. I Hate Walking Alone : I sometimes really get conscious about myself when i am walking on the road or doing things alone in general. It is known as the spotlight effect where you feel that everyone is constantly watching and judging you . Do you feel the same way or is it just me ? comment below and let me know .

4. I Suck At Maths : I suck at maths and i have no excuses to defend myself it’s just that maths isn’t for me

5. I love reading books : I recommend reading all Durjoy Datta’s books.

6 : I don’t like the colour red instead i love blue and black much more

7. I have never had a dog though i reallyyyy want to have one . I will probably have a golden retriever {they are adorableee }

8 . I am professionally trained in Kathak { a classical dance form }

9. I am passionate about skin care , travelling and binge watching television series

10. One of my dreams is to work with Dana Alexa { go check her videos on YouTube and you will know why I love her so much }

11. I really want to learn a foreign language probably Spanish or Korean

12. Whenever I am low I like to write or dance

13 I don’t like people whispering while they are looking at me and it is one of my biggest pet peeves

14. I have never been involved in a physical fight { thank the lords or i would have probably died }

14. I am an introvert but can be an extrovert if I am in the right company

15. I talk to myself a lot and by lot I really do mean a lot

16 I have a small sister

17. I love Chaiiii { tea }

18. My first crush was Will smith { i mean who dosen’t love this guy , he is perfectt}

19.I am an Indian and proud of it

20. I love people who can hold a good conversation with me and engage me in one

so there you go , now you actually do know more about me and we are close to being bffsss . Tell me some facts about yourself too I mean I should not be the only one making efforts right so go aheadddd

48 thoughts on “20 facts about me

  1. Girl .. I m gonna make u sign 10 sheets n then sell it for $100000 in future .. this is ur first blog n it is so mature .. it doesn’t seem as if it’s ur first blog . I hope u get the best audience coz u deserve the best ❤️ . All the best n God bless u

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      1. Aww, you’re so sweet, Shabri! I like you alreadyy! And I also read that you dance! When I was young, I used to copy my sister doing Kathak! It was so fun! And I’m sure, you’d look beautiful when you’d dance!

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  2. So nice to (virtually) meet you!
    We seem to have quite a few things in common. Just to name a few…
    I love traveling too 🙂 you can check out my blog as I post travel related content.
    And like you, I also want a dog – they are adorable!
    Oh and same here, math and I do not go together >.< haha
    – glimpsesofdaworld.wordpress.com –

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  3. Nr 3. Totally me, I have never told about it to anyone, I am always looking arround when I am alone if someone follows me, probably that is why I rather use a bike from door to door or driving….

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